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With over twenty years experience within consulting and risk business management, Special Situations’s team is capable to define solutions through:

- Strategic consultancy

- Turnaround and Restructuring Management

- Extraordinary and Emergency Finance

The partners (as entrepreneurs-managers-consultants) professional and multi disciplinary experts, place them as the best partners of management and crisis problem solvers. As Chief Restructuring Officers (CRO), they organize all the team (lawyers, accountants, consultants) initiatives, they are willing to reorganize the companies, either it can be done “in bonis” or in restructuring debt (art. 67 e 182bis L.F.).

During tough times, Special Situations contributes to build up the awareness of the state of crisis. Consequentially it helps not to procrastinate any longer the most urgent interventions, in order to shore up and secure the company.

Special Situations leans on Advisory Board , a multi disciplinary advisory committee. The team involves: opinion leaders, academics and experts who promote and elaborate topics and analytics ensuring the safety of all the Special Situations activities.

Special Situations aims even to find out new opportunities and solutions during a crisis situation.